Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease


Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s Specialized Speech Therapy Program

  • Aspiration prevention programs
  • Strengthen voice proactive programs
  • LSVT LOUD treatment certified provider
  • Treatment of swallowing difficulties
  • Maintenance program provider (maintain the progress made in therapy )

Weekly Parkinson’s Disease(PD) Voice Practice Groups Online using video-tele-conference.

  • Weekly Parkinson’s Disease(PD) Voice Practice Groups Online using video-teleconference.
Practice groups are perfect for those looking to:
  • Keep their voice strong and comprehensible
  • Learn what you don’t know
  • Learn how to fight the progression of the disease
  • Practice weekly
  • Receive guidance and feedback from a Speech Pathologist whose been maintaining clients with PD for 8+ years
  • Perform exercises to possibly put off/reduce the severity of impending swallowing difficulties
  • Have Fun
  • Have PD specific questions answered
  • Stay social
  • Make new friends
  • Listen to guest speakers from North America without having to leave home
  • Have a peer social group you look forward to seeing
  • Learn to understand and accept your condition
  • Keep up to date with current PD research and community events

Our Parkinson’s Program was created by Matt McKeon. Visit the following website for more information about Matt.

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